DOSCab: Sound card compatibility list

Many of my support queries have to do with trying to find a sound card in DOS that works. Unfortunately, the official list of cards is pretty limited: the SoundBlaster 1.0, SoundBlaster 1.5, SoundBlaster 2.0, SoundBlaster Pro, SoundBlaster 16, ESS Audiodrive, Ensoniq Soundscape, and Windows Sound System. All of these cards are ISA (with the exception of WSS, which I think is found on some old integrated chipsets). Any card that is 100% hardware compatible with one of these cards should work.

For sound cards that don't work, either sound won't initialize and DOSCab will error out, or it will initialize as a SoundBlaster but when attempting to play a song the song will get stuck at 0:00.

Because of declining support for DOS among sound card manufacturers, there is little I can do to make more recent cards work with DOSCab.

Here is a list of cards known to be working with DOSCab:

Cards based on the following chipsets should also work: