[Controls] Section (JUKEBOX.INI)

The [Controls] section relates to input devices and how they are interpreted by the jukebox engine.

[Controls] AlphaToggle

AlphaToggle sets one set of buttons to toggle between letters and numbers. If AlphaToggle is True, keys and joystick buttons mapped to letters will toggle back and forth between letters and numbers. This option only takes effect when the SelectionMethod is set to ALPHANUMERIC. This allows skins designed for two separate sets of selection keys to be used with a control panel with fewer buttons. This is equivalent to the 4ButtonPanel option from version 2.x.

Default value: False

See also: AutoSelect.
[Controls] AutoSelect

AutoSelect automatically enters the selected song without having to press a Select button. If AutoSelect is true, a selection is made the moment the maximum number of selection buttons are pressed. If AutoSelect is false, a Select button must be pressed to enter the selection. When AutoSelect is enabled, it actually pushes a BTN_SELECT message onto the message queue, so if there is an on-screen icon mapped to BTN_SELECT it will appear to trigger as if it had actually been pressed.

Default value: False

See also: BTN_SELECT.
[Controls] Controls

Controls sets the name of the file that contains the control maps. This file maps jukebox functions to physical keyboard keys or joystick or gamepad axes and buttons. See the Control Map File chapter for more information.

Default value: CONTROLS.INI

See also: Keyboard, Joystick.
[Controls] KeyRepeatRate

KeyRepeatRate sets the number of times per second a control will repeat when held down, up to a maximum of 30. This applies to all forms of input: keyboard, gamepad, and on-screen icons. If KeyRepeatRate is set to 0 or DISABLED, no controls will repeat.

Default value: 5

[Controls] Mouse

Mouse sets the mode of the mouse. Mouse = Disabled will disable the mouse, Mouse = Enabled will enable the mouse with a visible pointer, and Mouse = Touchscreen will enable the mouse with an invisible pointer. (If you prefer, you can use Visible and Invisible in place of Enabled and Touchscreen.)

Note that touchscreens are currently only supported under DOS and Windows XP.

Default value: Disabled

[Controls] ShowKeys

If ShowKeys is enabled, it puts the name of the last key, joystick button, or mouse button pressed in the upper left corner of the screen. This is meant to help identify buttons on remote controls or keyboard encoders when setting up CONTROLS.INI.

Default value: Disabled

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