[Display] Section (JUKEBOX.INI)

[Display] AnimationSpeed

AnimationSpeed sets the speed of the page change animations. This value can range from 2 to 100. Since this value represents milliseconds between frames, lower numbers are faster. Setting the speed to 0 or Disabled disables page change animations.

Default value: 20

See also: Animation.
[Display] AnimationAcceleration

AnimationAcceleration sets the rate at which the page change animation accelerates. It accepts values from 1 to 100, with 100 being fastest. Acceleration only starts to kick in on the third page change, and once the page change button is released for more than a second or two the acceleration resets. A value of 0 or Disabled turns off acceleration.

Default value: 20

See also: Animation.
[Display] ColorDepth

When DWJukebox starts up, it will cycle through color depths until it finds one that is supported at the requested resolution. By default, it tries 16 bits per pixel first, then 15, then 24, then 32. This may cause some undesired flashing on startup, or the selection of an undesired color depth. Setting ColorDepth to either 15, 16, 24, or 32 will cause the jukebox to try that color depth first. Setting ColorDepth to Auto will go in the order listed above in DOS; in Windows, the Auto setting will try to use the existing desktop color depth before trying the others in the order listed above.

Note that selecting an unsupported color depth may cause the jukebox to open in a window in Windows.

Default value: Auto

[Display] FixedDimension

If a skin does not perfectly match the rotation, either the height or the with must be either clipped or letterboxed to make the display fit. FixedDimension = Height uses the full height of the skin; FixedDimension Width uses the full width of the skin. FixedDimension = Auto uses width for horizontal orientations and height for vertical orientations.

Default value: Auto

See also: Rotation.
[Display] IconFocusBoxThickness

[Display] TrackFocusBoxThickness

IconFocusBoxThickness sets, in pixels, the thickness of the dotted focus line around highlighted icons; TrackFocusBoxThickness sets the thickness of the line around track titles. If set to AUTO, the thickness will depend on the screen resolution; if it is set to 0 or DISABLED, the focus line won't appear at all.

Default value: Auto

See also: FontFocusColor, FocusColor.
[Display] FontSmoothing

FontSmoothing sets whether TrueType fonts used by the jukebox are anti-aliased (smoothed). Disabling font smoothing may increase performance on slow machines. FontSmoothing has been tested to work at full speed on at least a Pentium 166 at 800x600 resolution.

Default value: Enabled

[Display] InsertCoinMsg1

[Display] InsertCoinMsg2

InsertCoinMsg1 and InsertCoinMsg2 set the message that appears when a selection is attempted with no credits available. If the jukebox is set to use credits and a selection button is pressed with no credits available, the message specified in InsertCoinMsg1 and InsertCoinMsg2 will be shown on the Upcoming Songs display. If the Upcoming Songs display is set to only display one line, only InsertCoinMsg1 will be shown.

Default value: NO SELECTIONS REMAINING for line 1, INSERT COIN for line 2

See also: RequireCredits.
[Display] MonitorAspectRatio

The MonitorAspectRatio sets the physical aspect ratio of the monitor, NOT the aspect ratio of the screen resolution. A particular monitor always has the same aspect ratio no matter what resolution it's running in. The aspect ratio needs to be set for the monitor in its "natural" configuration, not accounting for the Rotation setting in the jukebox. If the display is rotated in hardware by the video card, it needs to be inverted.

Aspect ratios can be specified as an actual ratio (4:3 or 16:9, for example) or as a decimal number representing the ratio (for example, the standard 4:3 aspect ratio can be expressed as 1.33334, which is roughly 4 divided by 3). You should only need to change this if you have a widescreen monitor. Most widescreen monitors use a 16:10 aspect ratio, or 1.6; widescreen TV's or monitors with TV-style 720 or 1080 vertical resolutions are usually 16:9, or 1.77778.

If MonitorAspectRatio is set to STRETCH, the full height and width of the skin will fill the height and width of the monitor and the FixedDimension attribute will be ignored.

Default value: 4:3

[Display] MousePointer

MousePointer points to the file containing a set of Allegro bitmaps representing the mouse pointers. Right now, changing this is only useful if all of the pointers have their hotspot in the same spots as the default pointer file, as the hotspots are currently hardcoded.

Default value: jbdefptr.ptr

[Display] RefreshRate

RefreshRate requests a specific monitor refresh rate. Be careful with this value! Most monitors will not accept an out of range refresh rate, but some older monitors could theoretically be damaged. If in doubt, do not set a refresh rate and the monitor's default will be used.

Default value: Monitor default

[Display] Rotation

Rotation sets the rotation of the display. This value can be specified three different ways; use the one that makes most sense to you.

First, Rotation may be specified in 90 degree clockwise increments. Thus, Rotation = 0 is horizontal, Rotation = 1 is vertical rotated to the right, Rotation = 2 is upside down, and Rotation = 3 is vertical rotated to the left.

Second, Rotation may be specified in degrees, with 0, 90, 180, and 270 being the only supported values.

Finally, rotation may be specified as HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL (or VERTICAL RIGHT), UPSIDE DOWN, or VERTICAL LEFT.

Default value: 0

See also: FixedDimension.
[Display] Skin

Skin sets the default definition file. It can be either the name of a specific .skn file in the Skins folder, or the name of a folder in the Skins folder containing a .skn file by the same name. It is not necessary to specify the .skn extension.

Multiple skins can be specified as Skin1, Skin2, etc. When multiple skins are used, the BTN_SKIN_NEXT and BTN_SKIN_PREV keys can be used to cycle between them, or buttons BTN_SKIN_1 through BTN_SKIN_10 can be used to switch directly to a particular skin.

Default value: Default.skn

[Display] Width

[Display] Height

Width and Height set the screen resolution. The skin will be scaled to fit this resolution, adjusted by the aspect ratio of the monitor. Because of these automatic adjustments, any skin can be used in any resolution and any rotation.

Although any skin can be used at any resolution, use skins especially designed for low resolutions for best results below 640x480.

Note that the Width and Height are for the monitor in its normal horizontal configuration. Thus, even if using a rotated display set the Width and Height appropriately for a non-rotated horizontal display.

If Width or Height is set to Auto, the jukebox will use the existing desktop resolution in Windows, or 1024x768 in DOS.

Default value: Width=Auto, Height=Auto

See also: FixedDimension.

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