[Joystick] Section (JUKEBOX.INI)

The [Joystick] section is not normally used; its purpose is to load special drivers for non-standard DOS joysticks, or to specify the Win32 joystick driver in Windows as opposed to the standard DirectInput driver.

[Joystick] JoyType

DOS joystick drivers :

  0        - none
  STD      - standard 2-button
  2PAD     - dual standard 2-button
  4BUT     - standard 4-button
  6BUT     - standard 6-button
  8BUT     - standard 8-button
  FPRO     - CH Flightstick Pro
  WING     - Logitech Wingman Extreme
  SW       - Microsoft Sidewinder digital pad
  SWAG     - Microsoft Sidewinder digital pad (aggressive)
  SWPP     - Microsoft Sidewinder 3D/Precision/Force Feedback Pro
  GPRO     - Gravis GamePad Pro
  GRIP     - Gravis GrIP
  GRI4     - Gravis GrIP (4-axis only)
  SNE1     - SNES joypads connected to LPT1
  SNE2     - SNES joypads connected to LPT2
  SNE3     - SNES joypads connected to LPT3
  PSX1     - PSX joypads connected to LPT1
  PSX2     - PSX joypads connected to LPT2
  PSX3     - PSX joypads connected to LPT3
  N641     - N64 joypads connected to LPT1
  N642     - N64 joypads connected to LPT2
  N643     - N64 joypads connected to LPT3
  DB91     - Pair of 2-button joysticks connected to LPT1
  DB92     - Pair of 2-button joysticks connected to LPT2
  DB93     - Pair of 2-button joysticks connected to LPT3
  TGX1     - TurboGraFX joysticks connected to LPT1
  TGX2     - TurboGraFX joysticks connected to LPT2
  TGX3     - TurboGraFX joysticks connected to LPT3
  SEGI     - IF-SEGA joystick interface card (ISA bus)
  SEGP     - IF-SEGA joystick interface card (PCI bus)
  SGPF     - IF-SEGA joystick interface card (fast PCI bus)
  WWAR     - Wingman Warrior

Windows joystick drivers :

  0        - none
  DX       - DirectInput joystick
  W32      - Win32 joystick
See also: Joystick.

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