[Selection] Section

[Selection] DiscAddress

[Selection] HighLetter

[Selection] HighNumber

[Selection] LetterASymbol, LetterBSymbol, etc.

[Selection] Number1Symbol, Number2Symbol, etc.

LetterXSymbol and NumberNSymbol change the symbol displayed for the corresponding selection value. There is probably never a need to use this setting. It could be used, for example, on a jukebox with an alphanumeric selection scheme where the number is first rather than the letter. In this case, the symbols would be swapped as follows:
LetterASymbol = 1
LetterBSymbol = 2
LetterCSymbol = 3
LetterDSymbol = 4
Number1Symbol = A
Number2Symbol = B
Number3Symbol = C
Number4Symbol = D

Note that a symbol can contain more than one letter or number.

Default value: Equal to the normal symbol for that value.

See also: SkipLetterA, SkipNumber1.
[Selection] SelectionMethod

[Selection] ShowSelectionAddress

[Selection] SkipLetterA, SkipLetterB, etc.

[Selection] SkipNumber1, SkipNumber2, etc.

SkipLetterX and SkipNumberN skip the specified letter or number in the selection order. Many jukeboxes did not use the letters I or O to avoid confusion with 1 and 0. If SkipLetterX or SkipNumberN are set to True, the specified letter or number will not be available. If a key is mapped to that letter or number, it will trigger MSG_INVALID if pressed.

Default value: False

See also: MSG_INVALID.
[Selection] UseTrackZero

[Selection] UseZero

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